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Reflections from Korea

Posted 7/14/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Seoul is a beautiful city surrounded as it is by hills. Apparently, 80% of South Korea is hills. This, the veterans explain, was immensely apparent as they fought the war some 60 years ago. The weather too was extremely difficult - very wet, very hot and very cold depending upon the time of the year. One veteran was telling the story of how they had to carry the shells for their artillery up the hills to their positions sometimes because the roads were impassable to their trucks.
The city is very quiet - I have not heard a single horn honk. The people are immensely polite and helpful, quite reserved. There is limitless shopping in the downtown core where we are in a metropolitan area of 22 million people.
It is also the case that the South Koreans are very grateful to Canadians. Today, we meet with one of their Cabinet Ministers who will express his country's gratitude directly.

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