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Debate on Climate Change Legislation

Posted 10/5/2010 by Grant Mitchell


Here is a question that I asked the government about the delay of Bill C-311.

Honourable senators, regardless of how this government feels about climate change, I think most of us understand that many Canadians care deeply about it and are becoming increasingly concerned about the delay in any kind of action from this government. I, for one, and I know other senators as well including senators across the way, have received many contacts — emails, phone calls, requests for meetings and the like — from Canadians who are expressing their concern. They are sick and tired of delay. I ask this question on their behalf.

Can the Leader of the Government in the Senate please tell these Canadians, through an answer in this chamber, when they can expect that she will allow at least one or two of her senators to debate the legislation that we received on climate change from the other place, which was passed by a majority of members of Parliament in that other place?

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