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KAIROS-Canadian Official Development Assistance

Posted 10/28/2010 by Grant Mitchell


Honourable senators, as recently as last month the Minister of CIDA said:

— KAIROS was recently refused funding as it . . . did not meet the government's priorities.

What is interesting about that is that CIDA has, in documents that have been released under access to information, a document signed by that minister that states that KAIROS' objectives are strategically aligned with our country program objectives.

The program that does the assessment, which was signed by the minister, says that they are aligned with our objectives. However, the minister, in trying to explain why, in the name of heaven, they would have ever cancelled funding to KAIROS after 35 consecutive years of funding, says they are not aligned.

If it is that the priorities are not aligned, could the minister tell us why the funding to KAIROS was cancelled?

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