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Climate change in BC

Posted 7/23/2008 by Grant Mitchell


I am sitting in the Okanagan Valley looking over the lake of the same name surrounded by Ponderosa pines being killed by the pine beetle. This is occuring because climate change has meant that there has not been a winter cold enough for twenty years to kill these parasites. It is very sad to see these majestic trees turning a burnt yellow colour as the beetles infest them and gradually kill them.

You have to wonder at the economic impact: the effect on tourism if there are literally almost no trees to create the beauty people come to see; the cost to the forestry industry as the trees die; the rise in municipal taxes to cut down the dead trees before they fall and hurt or kill someone; fighting forest fires because all of this dead wood is ripe for burning.

And Mr. Harper cancelled all the Liberal climate change programs. It makes you mad.

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