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Posted 7/28/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Much attention has been focused in the past on economic relations with China. It has been a step back to see the government antagonize China with certain international relations initiatives with respect to Taiwan in particular. That should be rectified as China is an emerging economic power, of course, with great potential for Canadian commerce.

It should not be forgotten, however, that South Korea too is an emerging economic power. It is in the process of implementing a free trade agreement with the US. We have a special relationship with South Koreans because of our assistance to them in the Korean War. They hold great affection for Canada and Canadians. Enlightened international trade policy would emphasize expanding economic relations with South Korea.

For those who say developing countries are not carrying their weight on climate change, consider that motorists in Seoul are now going to be able to drive their cars in the city only every second day. Even numbered license plates will allow drivers to use their cars on even numbered days and odd numbered plates on odd numbered days.

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