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Women and political commentary

Posted 12/2/2010 by Grant Mitchell


Susan Delacourt had a very interesting blog today about the number of women involved in political commentary. Click here to read the full blog, and thanks to Susan for posting.

I was particularly struck by this section:

"This week, an organization called Informed Opinions released some revealing stats into the gender balance of the commentariat in Canada. Here's what it found, after an exhaustive, day-by-day analysis of the major media over a period of a couple of weeks:

In the six papers published during the period surveyed, only 16% of the op eds 18/113) and 15% of the regular columns (12/81) were written by women. The results varied by newspaper, with the Toronto Star publishing the highest ratio of female columnists (44%), but zero op eds by women. The National Post, in contrast, featured entirely male columnists and only 12% women-penned commentary, all of which was reprinted from American publications. Women wrote 8% of the op eds on The Globe and Mail’s comment page and 18% of the columns during the week studied, during which Margaret Wente was off). Women writers in the Ottawa Citizen made up 20% of the columnists and 27% of op ed contributors.

 On the electronic front, both the public broadcaster did a better job of including women’s voices than the private station. CBC Radio’s The Current featured 31% female guests (11/35), but CTV’s Power Play, focusing exclusively on federal politics, included only one woman out of 27 guests. "

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