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Naming the Navy

Posted 12/7/2010 by Grant Mitchell


In 1968 the government changed the name of the navy from Royal Canadian Navy to Maritime Command.

Recently, Senator Bill Rompkey moved a motion in the Senate to encourage the Minister of National Defence to change the official structural name to “Canadian Navy.” This issue was sent to the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence for further study.

In doing so, the committee has uncovered a depth of emotion about what is seen to be the traditional name, “Royal Canadian Navy,” and the new suggestion of “Canadian Navy.”

The lines seem to be drawn along this axis: the “Royals” argue that that name conjures up the pride and accomplishment of the past. The “Canadians” argue that nothing is needed to enhance the pride we feel in the idea of being “Canadian” and we need to be creating new traditions for a confident Canada.

I am with the “Canadian Navy” camp. How about you?

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