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A shift in the Senate

Posted 12/14/2010 by Grant Mitchell


In the past few weeks, two more Liberal senators resigned as they reached the mandatory retirement age of 75.

Peter Stollery has, between the House of Commons and the Senate, been on the Hill for 37 years. He is a brilliant and unique thinker from Toronto who has developed a special expertise in foreign affairs. His presence has made the case for the value of the institutional memory brought by length of tenure in Parliament and often found in the Senate.

Jean Lapointe, equally brilliant, is an actual and huge star of theatre, music, television and movies and is from Quebec. He is renowned and beloved. Years ago he established a clinic for dealing with addictions and has raised literally millions over the years to support it. You cannot meet a Quebecer who does not know and love him.

These men will be greatly missed.

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