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Climate change thoughts

Posted 8/22/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Some up to date thoughts on climate change:

1. Saw an article on a study that estimates that 80% of the pine trees in will be dead by 2013 due to the pine beetle, spreading widely due to the impact of climate change. Fish are losing their food supply. People there can see the effects of climate change directly.

2. The people of the North are also clearly aware of the effects of climate change on the caribou, rain in December in Tuktoyuktuk, the encroachment of the pine beetle, the melting permafrost.

3. It is not a coincidence that the people of BC can implement a carbon tax and Northerners are creating jobs and programs specifically to reduce carbon emissions. The challenge is to convince all Canadians that action should be undertaken before they see such natural evidence that it might be too late.

4. While less dramatic in some ways in convincing people of the effects of climate change, the violent and changing weather in across the country is evidence of climate change.

5. I have never seen such defeatism on an important issue as I see in the Conservatives. They just do not see or do not want to see that this may be easier to solve if we just got after it.

6. I continue to “hyper mile” - using driving techniques that reduce fuel consumption. In fact, in a recent trip to Calgary, I dropped my previous fuel usage by 30%. Never exceed the speed limit and don’t be afraid to drive under it. Speed up only on down hill runs. It takes huge fuel increases to increase speed or to start from a stop. Use cruise control. Watch your fuel utilization cage as much as possible. You will be very surprised by the variation in fuel utilization under various driving behaviours. Avoid idling at all costs – not so much at stop lights perhaps. Avoid drive-thru fast food purchases; shut your car off when you arrive before you do anything else, like taking your seat belt off. How far we could go to reducing emissions if we could all reduce our fuel usage by 30% or even 20%.


A habitable environment is the most precious gift we can give our children.

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