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Equality for women

Posted 8/27/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Women's equality remains one of the  great equality challenges of our generation (unfortunately it has been for far too long a time).

The evidence of unequal treatment can be subtle and is pervasive. These examples observed in Ottawa stand out for me:

1. Despite the fact that they fired Mr. Bernier from his ministerial post, their inside report blames his former girlfriend and exonerates the former minister. Quite apart from the contradiction of firing Bernier if she and not he were to blame, it is a wonder how they would have concluded that she is responsible. Interesting that they would lay it at the feet of the woman.

2. In the isotope issue last December, when faced with a choice between a woman who did her job and a man who did not, they fired the woman.

3. In one Senate committee meeting, a Conservative who is required to co-sign contract staff member invoices had concerns with two contracts, that of a man and that of a woman. He refused to sign the woman's but signed the man's. Go figure.

4. The first cabinet minister shuffled was a woman.

5. They have gone to some considerable lengths to diminish the equality issue on a website dealing with women.

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