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Veterans Need Mental Health Help

Posted 5/9/2012 by Grant Mitchell


As they should, the Conservatives go to great lengths to honour "themen and women in uniform who risk their lives to protect our democraticvalues." Now, we are seeing that many of these veterans are in desperateneed of mental health services to help them deal with Post TraumaticStress Disorder. There is evidence that this is becoming a more intenseproblem as veterans stand down, the adrenaline evaporates and they areleft with their thoughts. Military suicides are on the increase.

Last week, the government cut 15 of 25 mental health related workerswho had been there to help the military personnel in Petawawa with posttraumatic stress disorder problems. This is a devastating betrayal. Thisgovernment honours these military women and men with words but saysthat there is not enough money left to provide the help they need.

Is the government suggesting that Canadians do not want to pay enoughin taxes to pay our debt of gratitude to these men and women whoselives have been changed irrevocably, and the lives of their familiestoo, because they did what we asked them to do, to defend our values andway of life?  Are we really that selfish, Mr. Harper?

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