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Protecting human rights

Posted 11/12/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Canadians are seen around the world as a beacon of fairness and justice in ways that few countries can match. Contrary to the unrelenting, unfair, and often politically motivated attacks on the courts in the guise of “judge-made law”, peoples around the world aspire to achieve a judicial system that matches Canada’s.

But there is still much urgent and important work to be done. 

1.   A lesbian couple from Oshawa, Ont. was attacked on Nov. 3 in what they conclude was a hate-inspired, anti-gay attack. There is always some group that haters target, it would seem, in order to feel better about themselves and their inadequacies.

I hope that the police are able to lay hate crime charges against the alleged perpetrator of this attack.

Canada is better than a place in which this kind of intolerance festers unchecked.

2.   Canada is party to international protocols on child soldiers. Yet, Khadr is still in Guantanamo Bay and the government has done nothing to get him back to Canada and to some proper due process. If he is not a child soldier who experienced the psychological pressures pushing him into war as a child, then who would be. Questions of morality, compassion, and in some senses forgiveness are often not easy. Government needs to rise above the political and bring Khadr home to be treated fairly in our court system as has every western nation who had previously has citizens in that prison.

3.   Canada has outlawed capital punishment except, I guess, as far as the government is concerned. They need to bring home convicted murderers sentenced to death in other countries in order to be consistent with Canadian law and practice.

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