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Legalizing marijuana

Posted 9/11/2013 by Grant Mitchell


Legalizing marijuana is not going to increase its use and Liberals are certainly not arguing against doing what it takes to reduce drug use. The problem with the current policy is that it has not reduced the use of marijuana, nor has it kept it away from our children. Current policies have only driven it underground, fuelled gang violence, given many young people criminal records and cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars.

Once authorities got serious about reducing tobacco use, they were able to regulate, educate, and tax it. These policies dropped tobacco use from around 55% of the population to under 20%. There is a much greater chance of reducing marijuana use, protecting our children and reducing gang violence if we legalize and control the substance. Moreover, we can gain tax money while doing so. It’s a question of being smart about policy and not just acting tough - which is nothing more than political posturing.

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