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Irresponsible Climate Change Policy

Posted 4/10/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Climate change is a crisis. The science of climate change, upon which there is unprecedented consensus amongst scientists, makes it very clear that we have to keep temperature increase to below 2 degrees. The Kyoto target of 6% below 1990 levels of carbon emissions for Canada and counterpart targets for countries around the world were based upon this science. The Conservative government has announced a target of 20% reduction below 2006 levels of carbon emissions by 2020 instead. This is a far cry from what the science would dictate. How is it that a government that says it accepts the science of climate change will bring in targets that are entirely inconsistent with this science and not produce any analysis that might support their choice of target? This raises the question of what they do in fact base their target upon. Just a number pulled from the air? Hardly responsible policy making when the stakes are so high.

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