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Posted 11/19/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Are the Conservatives still suing the Liberals on the Cadman Affair? Or are they going to cut and run?

I want to be careful about how I write this since I do not want the Conservatives to sue me. Of course, you hate to be intimidated by their bullying. So, I am torn.

The news yesterday that their lawyer has resigned the case is pretty telling. The Liberals’ lawyer made the point that never in the history of this kind of thing was he aware of a lawyer firing the Prime Minister as a client. So, it is big when it happens. You can only imagine what it might mean for the weakness of the Conservative’s case that they were libelled by certain things said by Liberals about the Cadman affair. It raises thoughts that perhaps the Conservatives only started the case to get past the election before further damage could be done to them over their alleged role in the Cadman affair. 

The allegations, if proven, would be devastating to a Conservative party that campaigned on bringing integrity back to government.

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