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People over Politics

Posted 11/28/2008 by Grant Mitchell


I am beyond tired with the cheap, manipulative politics played over and over again by this Conservative government. Canada's future is not a game. And yet, they play the politics of mass deception while Canadians are watching their incomes, jobs, retirement incomes, and even their children's economic futures evaporate. The Conservative government should try to imagine for a minute that this crisis is not a simply a political distraction when you are a senior trying to make ends meet, or a small business that cannot sustain or an auto worker or forester who has lost her or his job. It is not some clinical economic/political exercise for these people -- for all those affected, this is about as real as it gets.

It is so frustrating to see an economic update that neglects the stimulus package that the government has been promising. Canada is now the only member of the OECD that has not brought in a stimulus package.

It's time to stop the politics and help the people.

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