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Posted 12/18/2008 by Grant Mitchell


You have to wonder whether Prime Minister Harper actually understands that confidence is what provides economic stability, consumer confidence and solid investment decisions. Without confidence there is no economic vitality.

So why would Harper start talking of a depression?   Since as recently as two months ago, he was telling Canadians that all was well with the economy.  This kind of language can only shake the confidence needed to drive an economy.

As usual, it is pure politics: the Prime Minister did not want to admit to economic problems during the election since that might hurt his electoral chances and he is conjuring up depression now to colour things as being particularly bad so he can justify a huge deficit. It is all spin.

But it certainly does not help the Canadian people and the problems they are suffering. The Conservative government once again puts politics ahead of people. You have to wonder when they will stop worrying about their own interests and start worrying about the interests of Canadians:  jobs, retirement incomes, health care, and the environment their kids will inherit.

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