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Studying climate change - again

Posted 1/15/2009 by Grant Mitchell


Isn't it interesting that it is just recently that the government has published notice for tenders for a study of the economic effects of climate change.  My initial reaction would be: “Isn't it a bit late?”

If this is the first study of this kind that will be done by the government, then why haven't they done it earlier, given the importance and magnitude of this issue? How is it that they could have made the decisions to cancel Liberal climate change initiatives and announce only pathetically weak initiatives of their own if they hadn't done such a study? 

In fact there is such a study, an extensive and detailed study done in 2007, by the various departments of the government that have a responsibility in this area. It is entitled Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective and it is very extensive in its insights into the economic impact of climate change on the Canadian economy.  So, why is it that the Conservative government would disregard that study? Or, at the very least, why is it that they have not done another study much sooner?

I would argue that it is because they do not really want to address climate change.  They want to delay doing something. Barack Obama is committed to doing something and you just know he will. What a breath of fresh air (pun intended).

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