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Posted 2/9/2009 by Grant Mitchell


Much of the stimulus package, and of those all across the world, involves infrastructure projects. Women generally do not work on these kinds of projects. What about their jobs?


Newfoundland and Labrador stand to lose $1.5 billion due to unilateral changes in equalization payments. How does that meet Mr. Harper’s pledge to create a new era of positive relations with the provinces?


Green stimulus initiatives would create jobs for the future. How could they have missed a slam dunk like that?


The budget outlined Harper’s intention to prohibit women from taking pay equity issues to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Why would he have done that, and what possible wrong will this right? Why would this be included in a budget plan except for ideological purposes?


There will be at least a $60.0 billion deficit over the next two years; clear indication that their ideology has not worked. How can they say these deficits will not be permanent, that they will only last 4 years, when the Government was predicting a surplus for this year just weeks before they brought this budget in?


Let’s remember that it is the government’s responsibility to prepare budgets; not the opposition. Mr. Ignatieff is absolutely right in establishing that Mr. Harper will report to him regularly on what progress is being made with the economy, and, if it is inadequate, Mr. Ignatieff will fire him.

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