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Hubris or Ideology Trumping Reason and Science

Posted 5/6/2008 by Grant Mitchell


I would recommend that you get a copy of the recently released report by the Government of Canada called “from Impact to Adaptation”. This is a report developed by the Departments of Natural Resources and Environment with the help of leading academics and researchers and it documents, region by region, the impact of climate change on Canada and Canadians. It is startling and disturbing in what it reveals about what is happening to Canada as a result of climate change. This is not speculation about the future; it is documentation of what is actually happening and its implications - from increased drought affecting prairie farmers to open water in the north affecting our claims to sovereignty and the northern way of life and livelihood.


Perhaps what is even more startling is the fact that this report was in full development while the Conservative government in 2006 was denying that climate change even exists and was cancelling all the Liberal programs designed to deal with it. So, was it that the right hand, the minister of environment and the Prime Minister, did not know what the left hand, the departments writing this report, were doing or did they simply ignore it.


Moreover, the Conservatives argued that they cancelled Liberal programs because they were inefficient or ineffective all the while having clear information from their department of Environment that that was not the case. A briefing memo presented to the Minister of the Environment by the Deputy Minister clearly stated that the Climate Fund was an efficient and effective mechanism for enhancing technological innovation and a lower carbon future for Canada.


Was it hubris or ideology trumping reason and science? See my question in Question Period on April 30, 2008 for more on the matter.

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