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‘Getting tough on crime’ doesn’t mean justice

Posted 3/12/2009 by Grant Mitchell


Last year, in the middle of the summer doldrums, the government, I would have to say surreptitiously, announced a $1.0 billion settlement with tobacco companies over their $4.0 billion cigarette smuggling fraud on the Canadian people.


Unbelievably, not a single tobacco executive was charged even thought there are strong allegations that some knowingly engineered this scheme.


So much for getting tough on crime. The Conservatives want to put 14 year old children in jail for life, but won’t charge an executive involved in a $4.0 billion tobacco fraud.


Come to think of it, why is it that the Conservatives brought Brenda Martin back from Mexico but have not repatriated a Canadian facing the death penalty or, for that matter, Omar Khadr? The reason is, of course, that Martin was a popular cause. This unfortunately leaves justice to the whim of a popularity contest arbitrated by the government. Selective justice is not justice at all.

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