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We need fair solutions to combat climate change

Posted 4/1/2009 by Grant Mitchell


I was reflecting that regional fairness is necessary to making national climate change solutions work.

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, has decided to replace coal fired power plants with nuclear power plants. I expect that at least some environmentalists do not support nuclear power. This raises the question as to what they believe Ontario should be doing instead to replace these coal fired power plants. A senior environmentalist answered this question by saying that natural gas should be used instead.

So, natural gas would be the solution for the Ontarian  problem. However, at the same time, the oil sands are construed as an international symbol for the growth in carbon emissions, and yet oil sands’ carbon emissions are generated by the use of natural gas in the production process. It seems to me that you cannot have it both ways. 

How can natural gas be the solution in Ontario and the root of the problem in Alberta? Seems to be a pretty glaring contradiction and evidence of the kind of argument that Albertans find so frustrating.

We have to find solutions to carbon emissions and they need to be fair or they will never work.

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