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Election won’t kill tax credit

Posted 9/8/2009 by Senator Grant Mitchell


Here's a letter to the editor that I had published in yesterday's Edmonton Journal. 

Re: “Renovation tax credit dead with vote call: Tories,”

Elections in Canada do not destabilize the economy or anything else. This is not a Third World country. Government continues to function t hroughout t he election per iod and, if critical decisions need to be made, there is still a prime minister and ministers to make them. Fortunately, we have a stimulus package now because the Opposition forced Prime Minister Stephen Harper to do it. If it is being implemented effectively, that will continue; if not, then all the more reason to get a new government.

It is a tradition that governments change in our democracy. Business, society and citizens know it and know how to adjust. It is part of our democratic DNA.

All the Liberals will do is vote against the government. There are two other parties, the NDP and Bloc, who will ultimately make the decision to cause the election.

Harper argues that Canadians do not want an election. I was not aware that they wanted the one he called last year either.

The home renovation tax credit will not be “dead” with an election. This is Conservative fearmongering. There is plenty of time after a fall election to pass legislation before the end of the fiscal year — March 31, 2010 — when it would be needed. More to the point, if it is so urgent, why didn’t Harper include it in his budget implementation bill?

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