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It's the economy

Posted 12/16/2008 by Senator Grant Mitchell


It’s the economy. It’s the economy.  It’s the economy. Prime Minister Harper has failed to address the worst financial crisis faced by Canadians since 1930. Canada is now suffering the worst performing economy in the G8. He has allowed only 12 days sitting in the last 7 months (9 by the time Parliament reconvenes) during this crisis. We are the only OECD country that has not done not provided an economic stimulus package. Canadians lost 71,000 jobs in November. Seniors are watching their retirement investments evaporate. He has no empathy for the plight of Canadians and, probably, an ideological paralysis against intervening in the economy.

In the midst of this economic crisis and after saying he would work with the other parties, he brought in a purposely provocative fiscal update. One that neglected any economic stimulus at all, and argued that the tax cuts of 2 and 3 years ago represented such a package. He overturned a collective bargaining agreement with the public service signed just days before and he excluded an important avenue to redress pay equity issues. He tried to disable the other political parties.

Ted Menzies, Conservative MP, recently made the point that he and Flaherty will be working over the next seven weeks to develop a new budget to meet the economic crisis. One can only wonder why they have left this so late when Harper has said that he predicted the economic crisis a year ago August.

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