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Climate change policies

Posted 11/26/2009 by Grant Mitchell


Here are two written questions I've submitted to the government in an effort to get more information about their climate change policies. 

November 26, 2009—With regards to the report done by Natural Resources Canada "From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate 2007'', could the government provide the estimated economic costs (2010-2050) of adaptation to the following significant impacts as identified regionally in the report:

In the Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island:

1. Rising sea levels triggering more frequent and higher storm surges, and subsequent flooding;

2. Rising sea levels (especially in southeastern New Brunswick);

3. Coastal erosion triggered by storm surges, flooding and rising sea levels (including the economic costs of infrastructure threatened by coastal erosion);

4. River flooding from increased participation and a variable winter climate; and

5. Damage from increased frequency of ice storms.

In the Province of Quebec:

6. Infrastructure sensitivity in Nunavik due to thawing permafrost; and

7. Vulnerability of coastal zones to seal level rise, floods risks and saltwater intrusion into groundwater.

In the Province of Ontario:

8. Infrastructure impacts of near shore lake warming;

9. Infrastructure and transportation impacts of decreasing water levels in the Great Lakes (especially on the shipping industry);

10. Impacts to the energy system from reduced hydroelectric output; and

11. Potential arrival of the mountain pine beetle.

In Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba:

12. Diminished surface water resources;

13. Impact of increased drought on the agricultural sector and water systems;

14. Increased extreme rainfall events; and

15. Spread of mountain pine beetle infestation.

In Canada's Northern Communities:

16. The impact on northern communities and businesses of the expected reduction in the availability of ice roads (especially in the mining industry);

17. The impact of melting permafrost on community and industrial infrastructure, including waste containment structures;

18. Replacing food that has been secured through traditional and subsistence activities; and

19. Climate related changes in forest productivity.

In the Province of British Columbia:

20. The impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities and infrastructure;

21. The impact of abrupt changes and/or distribution of pacific salmon, sardine, anchovy, and western red cedar;

22. The impact on BC's hydroelectric system of water shortages; and

23. The impact of drought and water shortages on agriculture in the BC interior, especially in the Okanagan region.

24. Regarding these impacts, and others identified in the 2007 report, what is the government's climate change adaptation strategy? If the government does not have a climate change adaptation strategy, when will one be developed, and what is the mechanism for doing so?

Please note that I wish to receive a response within 45 days of tabling this question.

November 26, 2009—With respect to the Government of Canada's 2020 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2006 levels:

1. Could the government provide its assessment on how Canada will meet the 2020 target?

2. Could the government provide its estimated emission levels for each year in the period 2010-2020 (in megatonnes); specifically noting which year Canadian emissions will peak?

3. Could the government indicate how many emission credits will need to be purchased to meet the 2020 target, and where the government intends to purchase them from?

4. Could the government indicate what it estimates the carbon price (under the carbon pricing scheme that the government plans on using) will be for each year in the period 2010 — 2020?

5. The Environment Minister has indicated (October 29, 2009) that it is possible to meet the 2020 target with a carbon price that is $28 per tonne. Could the government please provide all documents and assessments that outline how the 2020 target will be met with that carbon price?

Please note that I wish to receive a response within 45 days of tabling this question.

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