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Fine Dining in Alberta

Posted 6/10/2008 by Grant Mitchell


As a Senator, and before as an MLA in Alberta, I have attended many dinners hosted by many different groups. Recently, I have attended two that were truly fun as most of these events are. Ten days ago, I went to the annual convention dinner of the Alberta Electrical Contractors’ Association. This is an association of companies and individuals who have played an enormous role in much if not most of the construction of the many major commercial and industrial projects in Alberta. The MC at the dinner was particularly entertaining with a rapid fire series of jokes that were really funny. One sticks in my mind in particular: MC: “Only one thing kept me from going to University….high school.”

Last weekend I went to a dinner recognizing the inauguration of a new Rotary Club in Edmonton, the southeast club. It was a great evening celebrating the work of Rotary and introducing this new club and its charter members. It is a quintessential Canadian experience. The club membership is ethnically diverse, being made up almost entirely of members of visible minority groups, and its first president is a woman. Ross Tyson, the District Governor elect, gave a great and inspiring talk on the work of the Rotary organization. PolioPlus is its international effort to eradicate the world of polio. It has had tremendous success and in fact polio is now all but gone except for two or three limited areas in the world. Rotary International is a remarkable organization based upon the values of public service and respect for others.

It was a privilege to be at both these events.


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