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Posted 6/23/2008 by Grant Mitchell


It seems evident that as much as we can we should base public policy on what we know to be true. Scientific, social scientific and other legitimate research offers our modern society much of the basis for what we know to be true. It is important that we integrate this knowledge into public policy decisions. Funny how the Conservatives so often do not:

  1. Their target of 20% GHG reductions from 2006 levels by 2020 bears no relation to any science with any credibility. We have to be at 20% reduction from 1990 levels. That target is supported, directed, required by science.
  2. They believe mandatory minimum sentences will make us safer when all the evidence is that it will simply make for better, more hardened criminals. Prisons are a great training ground for criminals, particularly for young ones.
  3. They believe that closing the Insite clean needle site in Vancouver will somehow reduce drug usage. Not only is this unspeakably cruel but it defies the evidence. Drug addicts do criminal things largely because they are driven by unrelenting addictions. Insite gets them off the street where they can be counseled and encouraged to get into proper programs and where their lives are not threatened.

Ideology should not override reason.

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