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Gender-Based Analysis and the Federal Budget

Posted 3/9/2010 by Senator Grant Mitchell


Here is a question I asked in the Senate Chamber today regarding gender based analysis and the federal budget:

Honourable senators, it came as a surprise to many Canadians when Helena Guergis, the minister responsible for women's issues, said in New York that the consistent use of gender-based analysis protocols is one of her government's great achievements on women's equality. That would come as news to the Auditor General, who, less than a year ago, said that the government was not doing any gender-based analysis that she could find, and if it were, it was not having any impact on policy whatsoever.

Perhaps, to clear the air, the Leader of the Government in the Senate could inform this house of those gender-based analysis protocols, how they were applied and to what effect on the current budget. Perhaps the leader could table something in the house.

Please click here to read the full text of my question

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