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Clean Energy Funding and the Federal Budget

Posted 3/17/2010 by Grant Mitchell


Here is a question I asked today in the Senate Chamber regarding clean energy funding in the new Federal Budget:

Honourable senators, I do not like to be cynical. Although there is much in evidence on the other side that supports cynicism, I hope that the Leader of the Government in the Senate can disabuse me of this evidence. Once again, this government is walking away from another climate change objective.

The Minister of the Environment has talked about a reasonable objective of 90 per cent clean electricity by 2020, but there is no evidence of any real commitment by this government to that important objective. Why would anyone believe that the government is committed to 90 per cent clean electricity by 2020 when they have abandoned the ecoENERGY program that supported alternative electricity and did not replace it with another program? There is nothing about the program in the budget.

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