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Climate Change Policy

Posted 5/26/2010 by Grant Mitchell


Here is a question that I asked in the Senate today about the Government's harmonization of Canada's climate change policy with that of the United States:

Honourable senators, several years ago the spin phrase for Conservative environmental policy was "made in Canada." That, of course, has all changed now. We do not hear about "made in Canada" anymore. Instead, the government should say, "made in the United States of America," because that is what the government means when it says it will harmonize with the climate change policy of the United States. Of course, it is not as easy to harmonize as one might think, and I want to know whether the government has thought through some of that harmonization.

Can the Leader of the Government in the Senate tell us how the Government of Canada can even begin to harmonize its climate change policy with the United States when the United States spends 18 times more per capita on green technology and renewable energy technologies?

Please click here to read the full text of my question

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